Quality Control


At Gaber & Co we are very strict to comply with Quality Control standards. At our firm Quality Control standards are designed to help us meeting our compliance responsibilities and building a safeguard to any possible professional liability.

We are making sure that elements of a firm's system of quality control addressed in ISQC 1 comprise as follows:

  • Leadership responsibilities for quality within the firm;

  • Ethical requirements (including independence);

  • Acceptance and continuance of client relationships and specific engagements;

  • Human resources (including assignment of engagement teams);

  • Engagement performance (including consultation, resolution of differences of opinion and engagement quality control review); and

  • Monitoring (including dealing with complaints and allegations).

The firm has developed the following areas to ensure the application of Quality Control in the firm according to ISQC 1:

• System Application

• Customized Templates & Standard Working Papers

• HR manual

• Performance Appraisal System

• IT security & Backup.