Risk Management and Corporate Social Responsibility 


Our Risk Management team is responsible for protecting Gaber & Co firm from the risks that arise from its professional practice. The team provides coordinated advice and assistance on independence, conflicts, legal, regulatory, policy and risk management issues, as well as dealing with claims and any queries regarding Gaber & Co ethics.

We are very strict to comply with Code of Professional Ethics and personal Ethics. Risk Management tools and processes are designed to help us meet our compliance responsibilities and help support our client facing teams in delivering quality and exceptional client service.

By overseeing the operation and monitoring of key risk processes Risk Management helps to manage the threat of litigation, avoid regulatory enforcement, limit damage to our reputation and achieve full fee recovery.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is usually defined as a company’s obligation to all of its stakeholders across all of its activities with the aim of achieving sustainable development in the economic, the social, and the environmental dimensions.

You may also see CSR referred to as sustainability, sustainable development, or corporate responsibility.

The idea of stakeholders is important in CSR and the term can include employees, customers, suppliers, community organisations, the environment, subsidiaries and affiliates, local neighbourhoods, the planet, and investors, as well as shareholders. This is what differentiate Gaber & Co as a professional firm in the Egyptian Market.