1) Tax Consultations

Our professionals are helping our clients to understand and manage their tax compliance and reporting obligations responsibly and proactively. We help them assess, improve and monitor their tax function processes, controls and risk management and maintain effective relationships with the tax authorities.

Our tax team always handling a wide range of tax issues. Also, our team has developed a strong relationship with tax agencies, putting it a unique position to negotiate and achieve the best best possible settlement VAT, Property and Corporate tax.


Egypt has the normal range of tax coverage as covered around the world, as follows:

  • Income Tax (Corporate Tax).

  • Value Added Tax (VAT).

  • Payroll Tax.

  • Property Tax.

  • Stamp Tax.

  • Withholding Tax.


We provide the following tax services:

  • Tax planning and Compliance.

  • Tax Disputes and Representation.

  • Tax Advisory.

  • International Taxation.

  • Transfer Pricing.

  • Tax Due Diligence.

  • International Expats Taxation.

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Ahmed Gaber, CPA

Tax Partner








So what about filing your on tax returns? Even a simple return may require multiple forms. The instructions often evoke more questions than answers. While a computer software program may help, there’s no substitute for the quality of service and advice you’ll receive from an experienced tax professional.

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll reap when using our service:

  • We’ll prepare all of the appropriate forms and record all figures and calculations accurately.

  • We’ll make sure that you receive all of the deductions and credits to which you are entitled.

  • We’ll file your return electronically to speed delivery of refunds.

  • We’ll work with you to adjust your payroll withholding to make sure you send the right amount to each tax authority – no more, no less.

  • We’ll show you how to adjust your finances to take advantage of tax benefits on future returns.

Are you a sole proprietor? Have you been so focused on your business that you haven’t paid close attention to your books? No worries! We'll tidy things up and prepare your personal income tax return. Then we'll help you set up an easy system to keep your books current going forward.

Social insurance is protection of the individual against economic hazards (such as unemployment, old age, or disability) in which the government participates or enforces the participation of employers and affected individuals.


Gaber & Co helps your company in different of ways to handle your employee’s social insurance.

Some of our work in social insurance field:

  • Enrollment procedures for social insurance programs at incorporation.

  • Various special treatments for Expats if needed.

  • Various treatments relating to Social security agreements

  • Filing of social insurance applications.

  • Filing of labor insurance applications.

  • Filing of application at bonus payments.

  • Filing of annual social and labor insurance reports

2) Social Insurance

3) Court Representation

If you are dealing with a tax liability issue with the Egyptian Tax Authority and you are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution working with the Authority directly during the tax inspection, then you may need to seek relief in the Tax Court.


The Tax Court has jurisdiction over matters involving individual and business tax liability under the Egyptian Tax law, and, while individual taxpayers have the option to appear before the court pro se, most Tax Court litigants will benefit greatly from hiring Tax Experts to represent them such Gaber& Co Tax professionals .

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